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Welcome To St. Anne Catholic Church in Marianna

If you come as a visitor, we're sure you'll leave as family!

About St Anne Catholic Church

We,the family of Saint Anne Parish, are a stewardship community seeking the love of God, ourselves, and each other through teaching, prayer, charity, forgiviness, and workship in an atmosphere of hospitaltity and evangelization.

Weekend Mass


5:00 PM CT


8:30 AM CT

Weekday Mass

Tuesday at St. Joseph the Worker in Chipley

9:00 AM CT


5:00 PM CT

Thursday & Friday

11:00 AM CT


Saturday starting  at 4:00 PM.

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Bulletins & News

Catholic Sharing Appeal

The Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) is a wonderful success story.¬† It is the story about the Church here in Northwest Florida and the Big Bend, a story in which each and every one of us has a part to play.¬† It is a local story of how the people of God have built this Church up to where it is now. Read more…

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